Our process is diligent and thorough to ensure absolute accuracy, but we make caravan weighing as simple and straightforward as possible for our
customers. Given the safety risks of having an overweight caravan on the road, we’re proud to provide accessible and affordable weigh-ins for a wide range of caravans.


We don’t just weigh caravans. We also perform weigh-ins for vans and other vehicles, including tow vehicles. Ensuring that your tow vehicle is
compliant with weight regulations is essential to keeping yourself and everyone else on the road safe.


Whether you’re renovating an old school caravan or building a custom trailer, we can provide you with a weight certificate. We’ll come to you with everything needed for the weighing and give you the certificate in person, which you can go on to use when registering your caravan. We’re happy to save our clients from having to secure a one-day travel permit with our on-site services.


Reach out to us today and schedule a caravan weighing at your convenience.

We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about mobile vehicle/caravan weighing, road regulations, the dangers of an overweight caravan, or anything else

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